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Mary's Mission

Mary is dedicated to providing a supportive space for the people within her community, while sharing her authentic journey of self-growth. She offers creative healing services to a diverse collective of people that are walking the path of self-empowerment. She teaches her clients to connect with their divine energy- feminine, masculine, and everything in between. She seeks to foster a healing relationship between sexuality and spirituality. And she always grounds her work in honest human connection & respect, while working to maintain safe & ethical boundaries.

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Hey, thanks for visiting~

I'm Mary. Adult model by day, tarot reader by night. ♥๏ธ


Four years ago, I took a leap of faith and entered the adult industry as an amateur model. At first, it was just a part time gig- something I did in my free time when I wasn't working one of my other part time jobs. 1.5 years later, (after working my a$$ off)

I was able to quit my other jobs and work for myself full time. :)


When I'm not modeling, I'm deep into my spiritual studies. From witchcraft, tarot & astrology- to tantra, energy centers in the body, & Buddhist philosophy- I'm fascinated with all things body-mind-spirit. 

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and stay tuned for my upcoming podcast ♥๏ธ

xoxo, Mary

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